EyeTwig framework

 (version: 1.0)

An Objective-C framework for developing cool apps

We figured that the best way to take Eyetwig and our products like iTracker to the next level is by providing a library that contains all of our computer-vision algorithms with a simple interface for easy integration.

This will allow practically every developer around the world to develop iTracker like applications without the need to know anything about computer vision. In fact, iTracker is now actually implemented on top of our framework. It works and it works well.

New approach for games, utilities/apps when combined with computer vision capabilities

Using the Framework developers can easily change their games/apps experience. Games like first-person-shooter, flight-simulators and of the good old 'snake' for that matter, can provide a whole new experience when combined with some computer vision capabilities.

Supporting open source projects

As we really want to see more and more applications leveraging the new capabilities of our framework, we decided that free, opensource applications will get our Framework for free.

Planning on an interesting opensource project? Send us a short description and we'll provide you our full framework. We will also be happy to share these projects in our site.

Interested to try it out? Contact us.