EyeTwig provides a practical, friendly, low-cost and complete alternative for interacting with your computer, based on the movements of your head!

The technology behind the system requires no special hardware and is based on real-time identification and tracking of objects.
Thus, the system provides a real and complete alternative for human-computer interaction by identifying and tracking the movements of the user's head only.

Try iTracker and start controlling your Mac with your head - it's free!

Developing apps? check out our Objective-C framework


iTracker 1.2.2 is now available, fixes multi screen support


The best head tracking software that just works. All you need is your webcam (designed to work with the built-in iSight as well as other webcams).

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Where great technology is shadowed behind simple and fun products that just work! Aimed to make the most out of your device, utilizing great work of open source projects...

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Love and passion for the things we do is what EyeTwig was conceived upon. We are a small company that loves Apple products and is passioned for building great software to be used on top.

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